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Welcome to Soulshineology

Pregnancy, labour, birth & parenting education with a twist of soul coaching! 

Empowering women to reclaim & embody their inner wisdom, during pregnancy, womanhood and the journey into matrescence.

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Overview of Soulshineology:

Midwifery, Education & Soul Coaching

Preparing you for your labour, birth and the parenting journey with confidence, feeling empowered through education and self discovery.
Online antenatal education with ReBirth Within™
Twelve modules have been designed to ease anxieties, prepare you for labour and birth, and empower you throughout pregnancy, the postpartum phase, and the journey into motherhood, also known as Matrescence.
What's included?
Private/Eligible Midwife offering antenatal, postnatal care and homebirths
If you are seeking a midwife for support during your pregnancy, for antenatal care, and postnatal care at home for up to six weeks, or if you are considering a homebirth, please complete the enquiry form below. You will be contacted to schedule a mutually convenient time for a free consultation.
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Soul CoachingŽ 
1:1 and programs

Birth Debriefing

1:1 Soul CoachingÂŽ

Soul CoachingŽ programs

Vision board workshops 

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ReBirth Within™

‘ReBirth Within’ is Soulshineology Midwifery’s signature holistic program, blending evidence-based midwifery education and soul coaching practices to offer comprehensive education on pregnancy, labour, birth, and parenting. 

This 12-module program can be completed at your own pace or through an immersive live experience with a qualified midwife online.

Unlock your inner potential to experience a joyful pregnancy, empowered birth and conscious parenting. 

By creating empowered beginnings through education, you create a secure future as you bond and connect with your baby. 

ReBirth Within is more than just a program; it's a sacred passage into the essence of womanhood, motherhood, and self-discovery.

Is ReBirth Within™ the program for you?

Are you ready to embark on a journey that will touch your soul, transform your outlook, and shape the essence of your being before you even become a mother?

Envision yourself empowered, confident, and deeply connected as you prepare to welcome new life. Visualize embracing the full spectrum of your emotions, healing past wounds, and stepping into your power through the beautiful chaos of pregnancy, birth, and beyond to become a calm and secure woman and mother, fostering a secure attachment with your baby.

ReBirth Within champions the belief that every woman deserves to experience the magic of motherhood on her terms. Our program is not about adhering to rules or societal expectations; it's about honoring your unique path and embracing your true self. Each module is crafted to prepare your body and mind for birth and to nurture your connection with your baby, empowering you at every step.

ReBirth Within stands out with its focus on understanding attachment styles and integrating soul coaching practices and reflections, enabling women to gain insight into their current selves, release outdated beliefs, and embrace their evolution and the kind of parent they aspire to be, undergoing a soulful 'ReBirth' by deeply understanding their sense of self and reclaiming their bodies.

Our program is more than a product; it's a beacon of guidance that empowers you to confidently and assuredly navigate the intricacies of evolving into motherhood. We believe every mother deserves access to knowledge, tools, and unwavering support to embrace the sacred and transformative motherhood journey for you, your baby and for your growing family.

If your soul is calling, we're here to guide you in answering it – it's time to ReBirth Within and step into motherhood with confidence, authenticity, and an unshakable sense of self.

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Your empowering birth journey starts here..

ReBirth Within is not just about a collection of features within a program – it’s about the transformation it brings to your life. It’s about embracing your own strength, finding comfort in knowledge, and forging connections that will uplift you throughout your motherhood journey. Our program is your partner, guiding you towards an empowered beginning and a secure future for both you and your precious little one.

Birth as an Empowered woman

At the core of ReBirth Within is the philosophy of self-discovery. We believe that true empowerment begins with understanding who you are at your core. Our program guides you on a transformative path, helping you release the limiting beliefs and programming that may have held you back. You'll embark on a journey of self-awareness, getting to know yourself better than ever before.

ReBirth Within empowers you to reclaim the birth experience as your own. As you delve into the depths of your being, shedding layers of self-doubt and societal conditioning, you'll emerge as an empowered woman ready to face birth with strength and courage.

Our program prepares you to embody yourself fully, allowing you to give birth not just as a mother, but as a fierce and empowered woman.

Empowerment for birth 

Guided by evidence-based practices throughout your pregnancy, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the birthing process. Preparing for childbirth involves strategies to foster emotional resilience and equipping yourself with knowledge of the physiological processes. This preparation helps manage fears and anxiety, which can lead to having a positive birthing experience.

Nurturing postpartum

Our program extends well beyond birth, offering comprehensive guidance for the postpartum phase. From emotional well-being to self-care and baby care essentials, we equip you to nurture both yourself and your precious newborn.

Expertise guidance

Gain access to insights from experienced professionals, including midwives, lactation consultants, and mental health experts. We’re here to answer your questions and provide expert advice.

Soulshiners community and support

Join a community of mothers who understand your journey in our exclusive and supportive online space. Build connections, share stories, exchange insights and challenges, participate in discussions for new viewpoints, empathy, and validation, all while forming significant bonds that cultivate a feeling of belonging.

Access to personalised Soul Coaching and Debriefing

We acknowledge that the journey may sometimes be demanding and intense. To support you, we provide extra 1:1 soul coaching and debriefing sessions, creating a secure space for sharing, healing, and growth. Should you choose to schedule a session, please feel free to email us to arrange a suitable time. These sessions are an additional investment to the program, but community support is available at no extra cost.

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Become a soulshiner!

Presenting a unique antenatal education programs that merge soul coaching with midwifery education and support.

By integrating these practices, Soulshineology guides women to harmonize their higher self, logical mind, intuition, shadow self, and physical being throughout their 'matrescence' journey.

Our comprehensive approach equips women and families for the transition into motherhood, supporting them physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as they evolve from maiden to mother, and ultimately to crone. (Refer to 'About logo' for a more detailed explanation).

Setting itself apart from other programs, ReBirth Within™ explores childhood attachment styles, enabling women to explore their own style and the type of parent they aspire to be by promoting self-awareness and healing past wounds to influence future parenting decisions.

Participating in our comprehensive online course led by a qualified midwife, you will receive extensive support in understanding childbirth, the postpartum phase, brain science, pain management, attachment theory, and so much more, empowering you for a confident transition into parenthood.

About the logo

'ReBirth Within' Self Study Program


One off payment

  • Go at your own pace
  • Unlock 12 modules released 4 modules at a time as you complete them
  • Downloadable documents, including 'hospital bag checklist', 'birth preferences for labour and birth' and '30 day journal' to connect to body, mind and baby plus more
  • Access to the private facebook group and community to ask questions and connect with other soulshiners
  • Lifetime access including content updates
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'ReBirth Within' Interactive and Immersive 'Live' Program


Includes 4 x Live sessions

  • Unlock 12 modules released 4 modules at a time over a 12 weeks period - see FAQs for the next live dates commencing
  • 4 live sessions with an eligible midwife at the beginning of the program launch date, after first 4 modules, then before final 4 modules and a 'finale' after the completion of 12 modules
  • Downloadable documents, including 'hospital bag checklist', 'birth preferences for labour and birth' and '30 day journal' to connect to body, mind and baby plus more
  • Somatic and breathing exercises to connect with your breath and body
  • Guided soul journeys for relaxation and messages from within your body
  • Access to the private facebook group and community to ask questions and connect with other soulshiners
  • Lifetime access including content updates
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Nice to meet you!

'I'm Cath, the founder of Soulshineology, an Eligible Midwife, Childbirth & Parenting Educator, a certified Soul Coach Practitioner, and a qualified Holistic Therapist. Above all, my most cherished role in life is being a mother to two daughters.

I understand the desire to be educated and prepared for labour and birth to ensure the best possible experience. However, my first birth did not live up to my expectations, which motivated me to alter the outcome for my second, more healing birth through better education and preparation. I would love to share this journey with you'

Cath shares her journey and explains how she merged her skills and experiences to create Soulshineology. It's a safe and sacred space for women (and partners) navigating life's transitions, such as pregnancy, motherhood, and womanhood.
Read my story here

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