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"My interest in holistic therapies started over 25 years ago back in the UK where I became a qualified Holistic Therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, and Baby Massage Instructor.
As a mother to my two beautiful daughters, they have taught me so much about myself, motherhood, re-evaluated my own childhood, the importance of attachment and in particular a secure attachment, and what unconditional love really feels like.
Whilst pregnant with my second daughter, my passion for all things birth related led me to apply and commence studying a Midwifery degree in 2013, allowing me to support women through pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period.
Currently working in a hospital setting providing continuity of care to women, providing support and guidance at every step of their journey into motherhood. 
I have worked at a private hospital, two different public hospitals and in the private/homebirth setting. 
I truly understand the joys, the challenges and the anxiety around conceiving, pregnancy, birth, loss, trauma, and the transition into motherhood and being a mother!"
Cath is passionate about helping women through the process of ‘matrescence’, through antenatal guidance, birth preparation, and postnatal support.
Cath openly shares her personal experience of navigating the delicate balance between work, studying, and family life while raising two young children. This juggle took a toll on her emotional and mental well-being, ultimately resulting in the breakdown of her marriage. However, this challenging phase became a catalyst for her transformative journey through soul coaching and allowed her to examine, become aware and break free from childhood patterns, programming and limiting beliefs that were not hers and how they impacted her relationships.
Engaging in soul coaching allowed Cath to embark on a profound exploration of her inner self.
Through deep shadow work and tapping into her inner wisdom, she discovered her true essence and gained a profound understanding of herself at a core level. This transformative process has brought about a profound sense of compassion and a newfound positive perspective on life.
Now, Cath is passionate about walking alongside others on their own unique journeys of life and as pivotal as becoming a mother.
Drawing from her personal experiences and the wisdom gained through soul coaching, she offers support, guidance, and companionship to individuals seeking transformation and growth.
With a brighter outlook and a compassionate heart, Cath is dedicated to empowering others to discover their own inner strength and navigate life's challenges with renewed hope and resilience to enjoy the relationships with self, others and particularly secure bonds of attachment with their children. 

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About the logo

Originally this logo was created for an assignment at university, requiring us to express our interpretation of continuity of midwifery care in a creative way.
As I’ve always loved symbolic meanings I wanted to incorporate the triquetra symbol into my interpretation. The power of 3! Initially this related to the relationship between the midwife, mother and baby. Here however, it can be incorporated into Soul Coaching® to represent the divine union of the masculine, feminine and inner child energy within each and every one of us.
The meaning of the triquetra has many interpretations; Christians interpret the three arcs as the Holy Trinity, the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit and is depicted as the trinity knot. The meaning that resonates with me the most is from a holistic perspective that is more aligned with the Pagan’s and Wiccan’s depiction of the triquetra as the elements of nature representing earth, water and air, along with the cycles of life, death and reincarnation.
Within the Soul Coaching® programs we dive deep into these elements and see how they represent our souls in many ways through our beliefs, memories, bodies and emotions.
The triquetra also symbolizes female fertility, in the form of the three Goddesses: ‘maiden’, ‘mother’ and ‘crone’. ‘The maiden represents the stage of innocence, (ie the baby), while the mother is symbolic of creation and the crone is an embodiment of wisdom’ . In this example I perceived that the role of the midwife symbolized the crone with the wisdom of this profession. However, it could also be of a lineage of grandmother, mother and daughter and how they are all linked ancestrally – the same could be applied for the masculine lineage.
In our lives, we all aim to be connected through the relationships that we have, we learn about ourselves and evolve into the people we are through those experiences. The continuous lines are symbolic of the never-ending journey we have throughout life - birth, experiences, learning, growing, transforming and rebirth - leading to a path of self-love, inner peace and healing.
The intertwined hearts within the triquetra are symbolic of unity and the meaningful relationships we have in our lives with others, ourselves and our inner child. Trusting & honoring the emotional, physical, psychological, spiritual and cultural perspective whilst listening to the gentle whispers of your inner wisdom and soul.
With oxytocin being the ’hormone of love’, it plays a big role in my profession and in our lives, therefore, the big heart represents me! As a Midwife and Soul Coach, I wish to embody all these elements of keeping a sacred, safe space for the mother & baby whilst also extending to the family unit. In addition, with clients - holding space for any person who attends a workshop, who delves deep into the programs or who open their hearts to me during a personal 1:1 Soul Coaching® session.
I very much appreciate my friends who drew my vision on a canvas and then brought it to digital life.

About Soul Coaching®

The aim of Soul Coaching® is to align your inner spiritual life with your outer life, by tapping into your wisest, higher self and then restructuring your life around your soul’s life mission and purpose that continues to make your soul shine on a daily basis.
It ignites a deeper remembering of your purpose as we focus on de-cluttering mental, emotional, physical and spiritual clutter to clear, overcome and breakthrough your internal critic that places barriers, blockages, doubts and fears in your way of living the life you were born to live. 
Instead, together we discover, awaken and heal, through activating the secret messages within your body, to be open to the possibility of miracles, the law of attraction and designing the life that supports your purpose. 
Soul Coaching® focuses on Native American principles of deep connection with our own inner nature and inner wisdom.
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